Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

Creating your Perfect Smile! Orthodontic Treatment Options for Every Age

Orthodontic treatment can be accomplished at any age, but many parents find it difficult to determine the best time to start the process. Our partners at Dunn Orthodontics are helping all of us explore...
video gaming

Can Video Games Replace Social Interaction?

In 2020, technology has only become more prevalent with the switch to online learning. New high-tech gaming systems like the PlayStation 5 entice bored kids and frustrated parents who’ll do anything to keep them...

What are the Benefits of Teaching Young Children Good Manners?

As hard as you try to teach your children good manners and remind them hundreds of times to say the magic words, you should keep on trudging, as there are benefits. Helping young children learn appropriate,...
Video chats

Five Tips to Make the Most of Video Chats

The post 'Five Tips to Make the Most of Video Chats' first appeared on Zero to Three. Thank you for sharing this excellent advice with us. Video chatting with apps such as FaceTime and Skype...
We Can Do Hard Things!

Nice Things to Do for Your Neighbors + Printables

Nice Things to Do for Your Neighbors + Printables Bringing your community together is more important than ever during these difficult times.  There are many that could use a helping hand right now, and by...

Choosing Braces Versus Clear Aligners

Are you thinking about getting braces or clear aligners for your child, you may be curious about which orthodontic treatment options are available and make the most sense for your family? Did you know...

The Road to Your Best Smile Dunn Right

Two local doctors are thrilled to be back doing what they love, Drs. Matt and Courtney Dunn – giving Phoenix and Scottsdale area residents a reason to smile! The experienced team at Dunn Orthodontics...

4 Tips to Conceive with PCOS {Don’t be Discouraged}

Do you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? If so, you may have a difficult time getting pregnant. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to conceive with PCOS. In fact, by following the recommendations below, you...

Community Care

We all love a feel-good story. The kind where we find ourselves smiling and celebrating in our minds for the ones whose lives are better, and cheering on those who made it happen! A...
time blocking

Time Blocking for some Mom Sanity While Crisis Schooling

“There is never enough time.” “I cannot do it all.” “Time flies.” “I wish time would slow down.” As a mom, it feels like you are either pulled in a million directions all at once and may be...
online oceans

Online Oceans: A New Resource During School Closures

Parents facing the new reality of weeks at home with the kids should check out Online Oceans, the new ocean literacy resource for kids aged 2-18 from educators at Vancouver-based Ocean Wise Conservation Association...

Tools to Help Kids Navigate Illness: A Professional Weighs In

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the amount of information coming out about COVID-19 and the speed at which it’s coming, you are definitely not alone. As a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Phoenix Children’s...
gift of parenthood through adoption

Embracing the Gift of Parenthood Through Adoption

After five pregnancy losses and years of failed fertility treatments, my journey to parenthood felt hopeless. The pain, grief, and loneliness I was experiencing felt too much to bear. It seemed everyone around me...

What to do if Your Kids Have Lice…

The kids are back to school and the temps are kind of cooling down (hooray for making it through the long, hot summer), but now we have to worry about all the germs and...
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