Nikki is an Arizona native who is married to her best friend. She is a newly second time mama of two handsome little boys, Jacob and her newbie, Owen. When not embracing mom life, Nikki puts her nursing degree to good use. Nursing has provided her with an amazing community of mom friends and plenty of playmates for her little guys. She comes from a big family and is thrilled to have been able to add to her clan. Favorite pastimes include cruising the local farmers markets and yoga classes, coffee dates with her hubby, and of course, spending time with her boys.

No Spend January

With the Holidays behind us, the new year brings a perfect time for a change in behaviors that may not be serving me or my happiness. This year, it means taking a long hard...
better morning

5 Ways to a Better Morning

As moms, we all have THOSE mornings.  You know the ones where you can’t seem to keep up.  Kids are hungry, husband is on his way out the door, and you are left to...
find joy

Find Joy

We all need a little detox from time to time. I’m not talking the "only drink juice for three days, live off lemonade, or tea for dinner" kind of detox. I am talking about...

Thanks Universe! How an Old Journal Saved Me

I always knew that I wanted to be a mom, but I honestly don’t think I knew just how challenging it would be.   Let’s start with a disclaimer: I have two little boys,...

2019 Guide to the Best Pumpkin Patches in Arizona

It’s that time of year again friends! The weather is cooling down(ish) and fall is upon us. Time to pack up the fam and get all those fabulous insta pics posted.  More importantly it’s...
top 5 ways

Top 5 Ways I Balance My Roles

We all know how hard it can be to lose yourself in the crazy season of life that is early motherhood. Overnight, quite literally, I went from an independent adult(ish) lady who could mostly...
summer meal prep cooking

Summer Meal Prep Cooking

Summer time cooking in Phoenix is tricky.  It's hot, like really hot, and the idea of even turning on the oven literally makes me want to just eat cold cereal until September. Lately, I...
easy summer entertaining

Easy Summer Entertaining

With summer now in mostly full swing, it creates the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family.  When you have little kids, it can be so easy to get caught up in...
terrible twos

Terrible Twos? No. Horrendous Threes? Yes!

Dear Three Year Old, I am not sure what you did with my sweet child, but I want him back! I know your brain is growing and you are trying to figure things out, but...

How to Rock Your Long-Distance Friendships

Long distance relationships do not work. You gave it the ol’ college try, but you should just break up. We have all heard it, but what happens when said long distance relationship is with...

My Top Ten Wishes for My Kids

As a parent, I wish for nothing more than my children to never have to go through anything trying or challenging.  I naturally want them to have more than I have, I don’t want...

Self-Care: We Need It

self-care /ˌselfˈker/ Noun the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.  the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress. Self-care is...

No Spend January Was a Success {Follow up}

If you followed along with my post last month, you know that I embarked on a “no spend” January.  Let me tell you, I ended up getting a lot more out of it than...

Winter Chili

With cold (ish) weather upon us, my taste bud all of a sudden go from wanting all the lightly dressed vegetables to all the warm comforting soups and stews. Chili is a staple in...
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