Jen is an Arizona native, born in Flagstaff but a Phoenician since childhood. She has been married to a man who encourages her to take risks. Jen and her husband own Phoenix Photo Booths, an idea which stemmed from the desire to have a photo booth at their own wedding. She has 2 children, Amelia and Henry, who keep her busy every day. She enjoys local festivals, workshops, brunch and a good coffee date. Traveling Route 66 is a dream that she hopes to accomplish along with finishing the Arizona Trail with her husband. Camping and road trips are a few of her families’ favorite pastimes.

Taking Time to Embrace Change in My Life

The other day I went to a workshop titled “Change” by The Zen Bird. I went because I don’t like change and wanted to see if there were any directional tools I could use...

A Complete Guide to Kids Eat Free in Phoenix

This incredible Guide to Kids Eat Free in Phoenix is sponsored by our friends at Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers.  We are so thrilled to feature this amazing resource and hope it saves you and your family...

Things to Do in Phoenix this Month

With temperatures rising we all know that summer is upon us.  Whether you're waiting for a camp to start, need a date night, or are just looking for ideas to fill your days with...

When #RedforEd Brings the Community Together

As a parent in Arizona, we are facing some interesting times right now. Schools shutting down, teachers walking out, families faced with tough decisions in their daily life. I’m very thankful this doesn’t affect...

9 of the Best Phoenix Brunch Spots for Kids

I don’t know about you but brunch may be my most favorite meal. I just love breakfast foods! And if I can get a second breakfast and no lunch (lunch is my least favorite...

Why I Really Want To Homeschool

Bring up the word homeschool and you’ll get two completely different responses: one gets it and other doesn’t. One says encouraging words and other might recommend you not do it. I’ve been wanting to homeschool my...

Did I Just Get Dumped by a Friend?

I was recently dumped by a friend of five years. It was heartbreaking, and I honestly am still grieving a little. As my mind was processing this I also realized that I sounded and...

It’s Okay NOT to be a Mompreneur

All over the internet today I see so many posts about how to be a “mompreneur.” So many of my own friends have started a business with an MLM. I have nothing against MLMs...

Creative, Simple and Fun DIY Gifts for the Holidays

Christmas is coming and so is the yearly ritual of moms stressing out trying to figure out gifts for everyone. It's hard to know what to get everyone and making sure to stay on...

14 Helpful Apps That Every Mom Should Have

Apps are pretty much a phone staple anymore, they help us busy moms organize everything from grocery lists, to meals to our entire family calendar. I love apps, but I am not big on...

When a Loved One Isn’t There

Introducing my kids to my father didn't go as I had always thought it would. I always planned my dad to be with me and meet my babies in the flesh. But that’s not...

A List of the Best Coffee Shops in Phoenix

As parents we know one thing in life is for sure - coffee is essential to living. Now, I’m not a coffee snob, but I do love to go out and grab a cup...

Dating Your Spouse in Fun, New Ways

Once kids come into the picture it can be tough to prioritize dating your spouse. We all know we should, but sometimes life just gets busy and we forget the obvious. I'm definitely at...

I Am Not Ready for It to Be Time to Go “Back to School”

It’s that time again, where school bells ring and parents sing. Or at least that is what I feel I’m supposed to be doing when I hand my kid off for her first year...
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