Erica Mcquown

Erica has recently moved to the North Phoenix area. As a mother of two, she realizes the importance of community, outreach and collaboration for thriving during this stage of life. When she is not mothering, Erica is Ayurvedic Practitioner and AyurDoula and has such passion for helping women and families to thrive and to find peace of mind, despite the turmoil that accompanies the all-encompassing role of motherhood.
escaping the heat

Escaping the Heat and Exploring Northern Arizona

In an effort to get our kids exposed to as much outdoor time as possible, we’ve been gathering with another family to explore our own AZ backyard! The hardest part about getting outside in the...

MEandMine Kit Review: Our Skin and the Sun

My little girl graciously received the award-winning play kit from MeandMine and couldn’t wait to open up the box and get started right away! There is nothing like getting special mail. And...

Home as a Sacred Space of Learning

Turning my home into a preschool and a space of learning was not on my radar in any way shape or form before March. In fact, I’ve spent most of my time...

I Really Like Homeschooling + Here’s How I’m Preschooling

It’s true, I think I’ve unwittingly discovered that I love homeschooling. Bleh. What kind of mom ARE you, you say?You can think of me as a tiger mom / hippy mom /...
holistic spring cleaning

Holistic Spring Cleaning: Fasting as Mental Cleansing

Globally, winter faded and spring sprung in the most unprecedented of ways. During this time we most often tend towards focusing on the physical aspect of health. It is during times like this that...

Seeking Mind-Body Wholeness in 2020

This idea of wholeness had been percolating for me in 2019.  As we make our way deeper into 2020, I find that in order to act and reach goals from a place of wholeness,...

Ayurveda and Yoga – 5 Remedies to Thrive During Winter

Ahh, midwinter.  Finding the natural remedies and rhythm of this season can help us to thrive as mothers and families. Even in Phoenix, the coolness has permeated the air.  The reaction to the cold comes...
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